Saturday, January 3, 2009

Promoting Call Me Kate

John and I made two side trips while visiting the Bonner relatives in Schuylkill/Carbon Counties today. First we delivered some promotional bookmarks to the Anthracite Mine Museum in Lansford and spoke to the friendly people working there. Dave Kuchta, the manager, was not available so I left a copy of Call Me Kate. The salespeople in the museum store said visitors often inquire about the Molly Maguires, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Our second stop was at a used bookstore on Ridge Street in Lansford where I left bookmarks and sold a copy of my book. I bought several items, of course. How could I resist? The store has limited hours, but LOTS of used books in great condition. If my husband was not waiting in the car I would have spent hours browsing. If you ever visit Lansford (Route 209 between Tamaqua and Jim Thorpe), stop and take a tour of the mine, then check out the selection at Marek's bookstore.

I was in a happy mood on the drive home and became exuberant upon hearing the good news that significant progress was made in negotiations between the union and school board, so the current strike is suspended. We go back to class on Monday!

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  1. Mary,
    Nice start with the Blog and good luck with the book!