Sunday, February 1, 2009

Writer's Retreat

The beautiful grounds of Fatima Center in Dalton inspired twenty local writers who attended the third Writer's Retreat. A few hardy individuals walked outside and took pictures of the pristine wonderland, while others huddled in the library or lounge over laptops or manuscripts. With no responsibilities or interruptions, the writers indulged in their work. Lunch and dinner in the cafeteria provided a time to break the silence and discuss current events and individual projects. What a luxury in these hectic modern times!

My project for the day was moving forward on Sarah's Story: The Curse on Centralia. The second book in the "Mollies trilogy" follows Kate McCafferty's younger sister, Sarah, to the new town of Centralia, PA (Boy, those McCaffertys can pick them!) where she goes to work for Alexander Rea, the local mine superintendent. You may know the the fate of the town, but do you know about Father McDermott's curse? I'll be presenting the next few pages this Thursday at EMW Writing Group.

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